Inspired by a small team at Paladin Life we wish to change the face of 'care' for individuals suffering with dementia and in particular, during the end stages of the disease process when caring for someone can be both challenging and distressing.

It could be you. It could be your loved ones. No matter who you speak with these days, they always seem to know of someone who is suffering with this terrible disease.

Dementia affects people indiscriminately. It is not a respecter of age, intelligence or personal health. There is at present no cure. Despite the breath of research there is no anticipated cure in the near future.

The government’s drive is to increase the number of people receiving an early diagnosis. But what happens then?

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our story

In the UK there are approximately 17,500 care homes, providing long-term care and support to 487,000 older people and as many as 80 per cent of residents may have dementia. Care homes have become society’s answer to the provision of long-term care for older people…

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